Papas Freezeria Game

Papas Freezeria is an addictive ice cream shop management game made by Flipline. Your mission in this new installment of Papa Louie's restaurant series is simple: Manage an icecream shop and keep your clients happy!

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Papa's Freezeria is truly the Sweetest Gameria

As is a signature trait of Papa's the series, the controls of Freezeria are pretty much what you see is what you get. Anybody who knows how to use a mouse can learn how to make virtual desserts in no time, thanks to the game's step by step tutorial. The UI is user-friendly, with the whole prep process divided into different Stations to keep things organized. This makes toggling between sundae customizing and jotting down orders a breeze, as long as you get the timing right.

Simple Through and Through

There's no guesswork here. As long as you know how to follow directions and have a bit of dexterity, you won't have to worry too much. A completed order slip will have a list of all the Toppings, Mixables and Syrup types your sweet toothed customer wants on their frozen treat. Just like in a real ice cream parlor, you can have multiple orders lined up at once so staying focused really pays off in later, busier, stages. Mastering the tools in the Build Station will also help you become more efficient.

When filling up a cup (which can be small, medium or large in size) with an ice cream base, you'll want to keep an eye on its meter to ensure that the indicator is centered before activating the machine. After you choose the type of Syrup your customer has requested, you will need to blend everything together in the Mix Station. A blend can be Smooth, Regular or Chunky. These are specified by the color blue, purple and pink on the order slip. A Blend Meter will help you in determining if the sundae has reached the desired consistency. Finally, sending the ice cream to the track will give you access to the Top Station. This is where you add a finishing touch to the ice cream by sprinkling it with candies, adding fruits and even pouring yummy Syrup depending on what is specified in the ticket. In order to maximize the tips you earn from your patrons, you will need to learn how to evenly distribute the toppings and put in some effort to keep the sundae looking neat and tempting.

Passive Abilities

Another series favorite would be the ability to add fun little knickknacks to brighten up the store and add certain perks. There are plenty of shop upgrades available for your Freezeria and, as an added bonus, these are not displayed automatically. If you're the type of player who loves customization, then you're sure to enjoy moving around store decorations such as gumball machines, arcade cabinets and silly ad posters. For that added personal touch, you can even choose your own wallpaper and flooring style.

As long time fans of Papa Louie games, we absolutely adore Freezeria's graphics. The lovable look was retained, with familiar characters and illustrations but there are small upgrades that give that added spark. In general, the colors are much more vibrant and there's an added polish to the line art. There are new eye colors as well as little clothing details to look forward to as well, with a smoother look overall. The changes may not be dramatic, but they are undoubtedly sweet.

The Verdict: Worthy of the Name

There may be a plethora of cooking games out there but Papa's Freezeria takes the cake in our book. Aside from deviating from standard restaurant cuisine, the system is also delightfully balanced. The mechanics employed for the different prep sections are so engaging that it never gets old. Once you're mixing and adding toppings like a pro, it's quite satisfying to breeze through the days while successfully completing increasingly detailed orders. For veterans of the Papa Louie series, it's all about your food preferences, although this Gameria has the added advantage of shorter wait times. For anyone who hasn't played a Papa Louie game, by all means, start with Papa's Freezeria --its realistic system may just inspire you to whip up your own ice cold sweet treats.