Papas Donuteria Game

Drizzle Syrup like a Pro in Papa's Donuteria

Custom workers are the next big thing, for Papa's Donuteria anyway. Previous champs Tony and Scooter are put on the spotlight but if you're not particularly keen on using either of them, you can also opt to create your very own custom worker. This can be any gender of your choice and you can pick from an assortment of hair styles, eye looks, tweak the height and weight values, among others. Following in the footsteps of Papa's Pastaria, another server can be hired once you reach Rank 4. This can be Scooter, Tony or yet another customized worker.

A Familiar Plot

The story starts much like other Gamerias. A brand new amusement park ride named "Sky Ninja" has just been launched. The characters get enticed to work for Papa Louie due to an advertisement he has posted mentioning tips and a special line-jump pass. Thinking that this will be their ticket to riding the new roller coaster as often as they wish, Tony, Scooter or your custom worker responds to the job ad. However, when they finally get the chance to ride it, Sky Ninja breaks down. If that's not enough, they find out that the repairs will take a year. Before they even have the time to sulk, the Donuteria opens for the day.

Donuts are Nuts

With orders consisting of several donuts, this may be the most hectic of all the Gamerias. Instead of focusing on perfecting a single item, you will need to master the art of multitasking --frying and decorating multiple donuts in a single order. There are four Stations in total. The Order Station is where you fill up a customer's order ticket. With that on hand, you head to the Dough Station to cut dough for your doughnuts. This is the part where you cut the dough into shapes, adding signature holes in the middle whenever it is requested. After you've readied the dough, you head to the Fry Station to cook and flip them until they're perfectly golden brown. A Timer and a Flip Meter helps you gauge if it's nearly done. When it is, you place it on the Finished Tray in order to send it to the Build Station.

The Build Station is where your dexterity will be tested the most. This is where you add Drizzles and Toppings, spreading and pouring them as evenly as possible, before delivering the doughnuts to your customers. You will be scored depending on how accurate you are and how much time you took to prepare the order. Your tips also depend on how well you did, so keeping focused helps earn you enough cash for those spiffy shop upgrades early on. Because there are more things to mind this time around, series fans will have an advantage over newcomers in terms of the game's learning curve. That's not to say that the game is frustratingly difficult though. The amount of orders and ingredients increase gradually so you are given enough time to get used to the system.

Customization Driven Game

As we've mentioned before, Papa's Donuteria has a few new features. You can now filter items by clothing type or theme. In the shop, you can opt to list furniture to reflect if it has already been purchased prior and they can be sorted according to holiday. Graphics-wise, it is now possible to see random pairs of customers in the Dining Room booths and the server can now take orders while the customers are waiting at their table. Lastly, it is now possible to win three rare prizes in Foodini's mini games.

The Verdict: A Legacy of Good Games

Papa's Donuteria may not drastically alter the series in terms of looks but it does effectively ramp up the challenge for veteran players. From drizzling sprinkles to ensuring that the doughnuts are dipped evenly, everything requires total focus and dexterity. Getting by without alarms will test your patience, so raking in those tips during the earlier stages will definitely pay off in the long run. So if you're familiar with the formula, this is your time to shine. On the other hand, minding a dozen donuts and still aiming to finish in a jiffy may be daunting to newcomers. If you've never worked for Papa Louie before, we recommend trying one of the earlier Gamerias. Otherwise, Papa's Donuteria may just be the time management sim challenge you're looking for.