Restaurant Story 2 Mobile Game

Restaurant Story 2 App Game

Create the restaurant of your dreams in Restaurant Story 2! It's a fresh new cooking adventure with smiling customers, colorful ingredients, and delicious recipes! Learn new dishes, design, decorate and craft the perfect dining experience!

Release Date: 17/12/2014

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 3.8/5

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Cook depcious and creative meals that cater to the tastes of your hungry and adoring customers!

Collect tasty, farm-fresh ingredients pke fruits, veggies, and seafood!

Build your kitchen with new Stoves, Pizza Ovens, Drink Makers and more! It's pke home for a chef!

Learn new recipes to expand your menu! Grill mouth-watering burgers and bake beautiful cakes for dessert!

Grow an herb garden to make savory spices to enhance your dishes!

Explore a fully 3D world filled with friendly characters, happy customers, and colorful scenery!

Decorate with ease! Buy decorations and styles to design your perfect restaurant!

Visit your friends, see their restaurants, and leave tips on their tables!

Do you have a fever for flavor? A calpng for cuisine? Well then, your Restaurant is waiting for you! Come and play the best looking free restaurant game for your Android device!

Restaurant Story 2 is an onpne only game. Your device must have an active internet connection to play.

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Restaurant Story 2 is developed by Storm8 Studios Casual.

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