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Cooking Story pretty much sums up everything everyone needs to know the concept of free-to-play app gaming: the game is fun, simple, and easy to learn. You also play for free, but those who are not too keen on being patient and want to speed things up can always do so by throwing in a bit of cash. The more you spend, the more advantage you would have over those who don't. While this may sound odd for a game about creating a successful restaurant, that is how it works, and while that sounds like a pretty non-exciting way to play, Restaurant Story actually makes it all fun. And that is why this game is so important; after all, if you are having fun, then it could very well be time and money well spent.

How it Plays

The basic idea in Cooking Story is that you prepare food, and buy stuff to place into the restaurant. Everything else is pretty much automatic. No taking orders, no cleaning up tables, not even seating your diners -these all happen on its' own. As long as you can get foor ready to serve on the counters, customers will order them. Since buying stuff will take time (based on how much you earn from customers), most of your gaming time will be spent managing what food gets cooked on your stoves.

The game starts out with two stoves, but that increases as you play the game. Each recipe will earn you a certain amount of coins and will also require a specific time to finish cooking. There are quick ones that earn you a few hundred coins that take anywhere from a few minutes to a little more than an hour to cook. Then there are also recipes that will earn you more money but take longer periods to prepare -like several hours to even a couple of days or more. This game requires long term planning and waiting, because simply sending food off on a queue is not going to cut it alone.

Never Let Food Go To Waste

Much like the real thing, food in Cooking Story can and will spoil if left lying around for too long. So players have to keep track of the cooking schedules: try to get to your food within the time period of when they finish cooking so that you can set them up on the counter to serve. This seems pretty easy for setting up dishes that take only a couple of hours, but when you are cooking up meals that have queues that run for days, expect to be occasionally stepping out of your real-life obligations to sneak a bit of time managing the restaurant (though if you are a particularly busy person, you might not be fond of the game in the first place).

Release Date: 12/02/2015

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile

App Store Rating: 4.0/5

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Gems and Coins

As with any free to play app, this game will want you to buy the premium currency, gems, for making things run a little faster and smoother. Be it bypassing level requirements for purchasing upgrades, circumventing a lack of coins, or a simple matter of rushing a recipe (or recovering a spoiled dish), you can use gems. The good things is that no part of the game is tucked behind an exclusive paywall -which means that if you are willing to be patient and do a bit of grinding, the game does not force gem usage on players.

The Verdict: Stay for Dessert

The game starts off pretty slow (or pretty mindful, depending on how you approach the gameplay). But the essential core is that the real fun begins once you have a partially decent amount of stoves, counters, and dining spaces. Getting there is a simple matter of slogging through the game's pace which is set by the timed recipes. Overall, we recommend Cooking Story for folks wanting to see what gaming is like on the mobile, or for those looking for more cooldown based apps to fill their time with.

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