Cinema Rush Game

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Serve Popcorn and Hotdogs Like a Pro in Cinema Panic

Cinema Panic allows you to choose between a male and female worker (Jake and Mary respectively) to use as an avatar. However, the story only features Mary. Basically, she's down on her luck and out of a job. While she's sitting on a bench, worrying about what to do next, a newspaper hits her on the head and she finds an answer right in front of her face, literally. There is an advertisement for a job at the cinema and she is ecstatic. She heads over there right away and gets her very own employee ID with the rank "Rookie".

Starting Out on a New Job

Much like other time management titles, the game starts with a tutorial. The controls are fairly easy as prep tasks can be completed with a single mouse click. Think Cake Mania and not Papa's Hot Doggeria. First, you take a customer's order. Doing this task before their order bar runs out wins you some brownie points and makes them extra happy. Once the ticket is filled up, you will need to head to the appropriate station to prepare their order. For instance, if they ordered popcorn, then you will need to click on the popcorn maker to activate the machine. It will take time for it to finish so if you can click pretty fast, you may want to take new orders or queue other food items.

Once the food is ready, you will need to serve it to the customer by placing it on the tray in front of him. Since the tickets have no faces or names written on them, you will need to keep focused, taking note of who ordered which batch of items. If you make a mistake, their happiness gauge will go down which lessens the amount of time you have before they storm out in anger. Speaking of which, keeping your customers happy will allow you to get more tips and build a combo. It's a standard system, but because you are encouraged to associate orders with faces, it ramps up the difficulty and adds a sense of realism to the mechanics.

Managing What You Earn

The cash you earn can go towards three things: Upgrades, Movies or Decorations. Upgrades will make food prep easier because these replace your cooking equipment with models that are more efficient. On the other hand, Movies affect customers' moods. For instance, Titanic is a drama movie that will encourage customers to spend more money at the cost of their patience. Fullmoon, in case that doesn't ring a bell, is a romance movie which helps raise customer's patience. Lastly, Decorations change the look of the snack bar. There are a diverse number of options and they range from cute such as the Pinky Carpet with circle and square prints to silly such as the Candy Desk Board which is covered with a lemon candy flavor.

With its polished illustrations and quick loading animation, the graphics won't disappoint. The art style is, of course dependent on taste but at least the overall delivery suits the movie theme of the game. There are heavy carpets and a dominant red color that makes one think of classic theatres. The peppy background music also helps get you in the mood to play a hectic time management game.

The Verdict: A Good Matinee

If you're looking for a tricky time management title to keep you occupied for half a day, then Cinema Panic may just be right up your alley. It's not the most innovative title around but it does have a well-balanced system that is perfect for both beginners and veteran time management players alike. It also introduces a sense of realism into the time tested formula by requiring you to rely on your memory. The controls are easy to learn too and there are a reasonable number of upgrades, making it possible to complete the game perfectly. For completionists, you can also try your hand at collecting the many in-game Awards. Most of these will pop up as you progress through the game. Bonus Perfect, however, will truly test your skill as you attempt to get 10 perfects in the game's corn-popping bonus mode.