Burger Restaurant 4 Game

Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those burger lovers happy!

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Burger Restaurant 4 Lets You Cook in Outer Space

In case you're new to the Burger Restaurant series and you're worried about the complexity of the game, well, you don't have to. The controls are mouse-based so all you will need to mind is a recipe's steps. This is a pretty fun game to play if you find yourself wanting a pretty solid management game without too much unnecessary frills.

The Steps You Need to Mind

The first step is always to take down the order. If they order a burger, you will need to click on the oven so you can warm up the buns. When that is ready, you can click on the oven again to put them on a plate. Then you need to cook one of the burger patties on the grill and put them all together. Once the base is done, you will need to check the order details in order to determine whether the customer wants extras such as ketchup or lettuce on their burger. The details are listed below the character illustration and if it is a special order, you can drag your mouse over the dish icon to view a summary of the steps.

Once You're Done

Successfully complete the order and money will be left on the counter. On the other hand if you make a mistake, the customer will not accept the dish. They will not lose patience but you will probably need to re-do everything from scratch by sending the burger to the trash bin. Again, there are no clear visual indicators so this may throw off your game at some points. You can also grill up to four patties at the same time. However, with such small graphics and an indicator that is easily missed, you're more likely to burn the meat. The good news is that one of Burger Restaurant 4's new additions is in the upgrades section of the game. To address burnt meat in particular, there is one called "Fireproof Burgers" which ensures that your patties never burn no matter how long you leave them to cook.

Time for Upgrades

Speaking of which, the upgrades do somehow help keep the game balanced. Unlike the third game of the series which mostly focused on equipment, tips and patience, Burger Restaurant 4 has ones that can remove obstacles. For instance, going for the "Pretzels" upgrade keeps all waiting customers happy. The "Trusty Sidekick" boost leaves you with an assistant who will take care of all the special orders. Also, you can purchase all upgrades at once with "The Whole Shebang" which costs $16,000 of in-game currency. This certainly makes later stages more manageable, especially if you are able to identify your weaknesses early on.

Something Special

Specials back and they have retained the same pattern. Pelmeni, Siberia's comfort food and the first special dish in the game, has four steps. These steps are displayed before the first stage and it will be to your advantage to know them by heart. However if you somehow forget what to do next, there's always the summary displayed when hovering you mouse over the special order icon.

Tweaks and More

One of the best improvements in the game is actually something subtle. Unlike Burger Restaurant 3, this title has a menu shortcut which allows you to exit a running stage to go back to the map menu. It may seem like a minor thing but the lack of it in the predecessor was an annoyance.

Aside from game play improvements, Burger Restaurant 4's graphics have been updated as well. We love that the animations are much smoother now. Gone are the lags and the jumpy frame rate. Although it's not perfect, at least the walk cycle isn't distracting to watch anymore. Expect more vibrant colors as well, although for the most part, the overall look and feel of the game remains the same.

The Verdict: A Good Transition

So should you play Burger Restaurant 4? If you loved the last three games then there's no reason to stop playing now. If you have never played any of the previous installments, you can start with this one as it has upgrades can keep the difficulty down. There's no story to miss out on either, so the older versions don't have any major advantage over this one. Also, if you're looking for something that will fill up a few hours, then this title is a good candidate. There are 25 levels of play spread across five different locations.