Burger Restaurant 3 Game

Quirkier customers, ethnic dishes, burger restaurant is going on a world tour!

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Burger Restaurant 3 Features Exotic Recipes

Burger Restaurant 3 is a decent time management sim. The Challenge Mode is a must-try for players who are tired of the old formula. For beginners, we recommend trying Story Mode as this leaves room to get used to the system. Also, if you are looking for something lengthy to play, this is a great game to try. Even without the challenges, there are 25 levels in total for the game's Story Mode.

Cooking and Serving Instructions

Cooking dishes is a step-by-step process. Once a customer approaches the counter, you will need to check the list below them to brush up on their order. If they asked for a burger, you click on the oven to warm up the bun. After it has been heated, the oven door opens and you can take out the buns. You then click on the stack of patties to place one on the grill and then combine both when the meat is ready. Depending on the customer's preferences, you may add some ketchup, a slice of cheese or some lettuce to finish the dish. From there, you can bring the burger to the customer or send it to the trash bin if you've made a mistake. The guests will leave their payment on the counter and you will need to click on the stack of coins to collect them. The cash you earn can be used in the in-game store where you can purchase equipment upgrades or outfits which boost tips and extend customer patience.

On the other hand, if a customer orders one of the stage specific dishes, a set of instructions will be displayed before the match. You will need to know the recipe by heart if you want to breeze through the level. For instance, there are three steps involved when making Tandoori Chicken. You click on the pot to begin marinating the chicken. Once it is done, click on it again and send it to the tandoori oven. It may not sound tricky but the fact that you will need to remember new instructions tends to ramp up the difficulty, at least initially.

Replay Value

In terms of play time, you will be able to squeeze half a day's worth of game play out of Burger Restaurant 3. There are two modes of play, namely, Story and Challenge Mode. In Story Mode, you need only to reach a certain cash goal in order to advance to the next stage. However, Challenge Mode's special goals will test the mettle of even the most veteran of players. There are 12 levels all in all, each with their own special condition to consider. Some of these are easy enough to understand, such as the Good Fortune challenge which requires you to earn $10,000 to use in the in-game store. Others are not obvious outright such as "That's Amore!" which has the vague description "are your customers showing you the love?" Although this adds a bit more excitement, it also exposes one of the game's issues. That being said, the game is missing a replay button. This means that if you end up picking a challenge that you cannot finish or if you make a mistake that causes backlogs, you're stuck with a running game and you're better off reloading the game page.

The Verdict: Good for a Bite

The game suffers from a lack of clear indicators. When meat is cooked, there will be an "OK" sign on top of the grill but it only flashes for a short while. If your attention is focused elsewhere, it is more than likely that you will miss it. This becomes a problem because the graphics are small which makes it hard to gauge how close the meat is to being cooked. Usually, your only choice is to click on the equipment and that costs precious time during the harder stages.

In terms of graphics, Burger Restaurant 3 isn't really our cup of tea. The colors are indeed vibrant but the illustrations could use some work --especially when it comes to the stiff animations. The art style has obvious anime influences, so it really depends on your preference.